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Michael Dell

has joined the ranks of the most revered entrepreneurs in the US Read more ..

Sumantra Ghosal

a management thinker, great teacher, prolific author

Robert Kaplan & David Norton

Creators of the concept of the Balanced Scorecard Read more ..

Thomas A. Stewart

One of the leading advocates of knowledge management. Read more ..

Peter Drucker

far sighted and always opinionated!

Kenichi Ohmae

an acclaimed Japanese management strategist renown for his work on globalization and the borderless economy Read more ..

Robert Blake

He is best known for his work with Jane Mouton ‘to provide theory and practice in effective problem-solving teamwork’ Read more ..

James Champy & Michael Hammer

Hammer and Champy wrote the highly successful Re-engineering The Corporation (1993). Read more ..

Harold Leavitt

He invented a typology that separated ‘corporate pathfinders’ into three types. Read more ..

James MacGregor Burns

Burns identified two vital strands of leadership – transformational and transactional leadership. Read more ..