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Philip Kotler

One of the worlds foremost marketing experts.

Meredith Belbin

The management guru of teamworking.

Edward de Bono

The best known as the inventor and apostle of lateral thinking. Read more ..

Richard Pascale

He calls for transformation, discontinuous shifts in financial performance, key industry benchmarks and company culture. Read more ..

Andy Grove

Grove oversaw the growth of Intel from a fledging producer of memory chips to a giant of the microprocessor industry. Read more ..

Tom Peters

His initial impact came through In Search of Excellence (1982), though his most powerful book is Liberation Management (1992). Read more ..

Chris Argyris

A convinced romantic, he believes people’s potential can – and should – be fulfilled. Read more ..

Geert Hofstede

Hofstede defines culture as ‘the collective programming of the mind’ Read more ..

Arie de Geus

de Geus brings in the homespun image of managers as careful gardeners, encouraging growth and renewal, but willing to scythe away when necessary. Read more ..

Jerry I. Porras & James Collins

Porras is best known for his highly influential book Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (1994) co-authored with fellow Stanford academic James Collins Read more ..