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Expectancy Theory

the perception that effort will result in success Read more ..

Kenichi Ohmae

an acclaimed Japanese management strategist renown for his work on globalization and the borderless economy Read more ..

Hoshin Kanri

The concept dates back to Japan in the 1960s when Japanese industry took management practices such as Management by Walking About and Statistical Quality Control Read more ..

Robert Blake

He is best known for his work with Jane Mouton ‘to provide theory and practice in effective problem-solving teamwork’ Read more ..

The Managerial Grid

The grid helps people to see themselves and those they work with more clearly, to understand their interactions, and identify the sources of resistance and conflicts. Read more ..

James Champy & Michael Hammer

Hammer and Champy wrote the highly successful Re-engineering The Corporation (1993). Read more ..

Experience Curve

as cumulative production increases, productivity costs decline.

Jack Welch

tough when necessary, good with people, an insistent communicator, deeply attached to the company and dedicate to building the company’s future Read more ..

Chaordic Organization

Hock coined the word “chaord” by borrowing the first syllables from the words “chaos” and “order.” Read more ..


Appraisals are usually held at regular intervals and are linked to pay where a company operates a performance-related pay policy. Read more ..