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Kaizen aims to achieve continuous evolutionary rather than revolutionary change Read more ..

Lean Production

“Lean production is a superior way for humans to make things,” Womack, Jones, and Roos, 1990 Read more ..

Transnational Corporation

The transnational firm has to combine local responsiveness with global efficiency and the ability to transfer know-how—better, cheaper, and faster. Read more ..

Learning Organization

“In the simplest sense, a learning organization is a group of people who are continually enhancing their capability to create their future,” Read more ..

Intellectual Capital

The collective brainpower of the organization

Expectancy Theory

the perception that effort will result in success Read more ..

Hoshin Kanri

The concept dates back to Japan in the 1960s when Japanese industry took management practices such as Management by Walking About and Statistical Quality Control Read more ..

The Managerial Grid

The grid helps people to see themselves and those they work with more clearly, to understand their interactions, and identify the sources of resistance and conflicts. Read more ..

Experience Curve

as cumulative production increases, productivity costs decline.

Jack Welch

tough when necessary, good with people, an insistent communicator, deeply attached to the company and dedicate to building the company’s future Read more ..